Why / How: Supertramp Bike Packing / ATB

November 10 2022 – Wilde Bikes

Why / How: Supertramp Bike Packing / ATB

Why / How: Supertramp Bike Packing / ATB

Today we launch the Supertramp our flat bar bikepacking / ATB platform, here's the "why"on this thing existing...

As y'all know if you follow Bike Jerks I'm very deep into vintage mtb's, they're just great all around bikes. So it makes sense that I've very fully embraced the current ATB trend that's happening. They take all the great things about those bikes and update them with all the modern features and technology and turn them into the most convenient and comfortable World explorers to have ever existed in the history of bicycledom.

What's not to love? Great style, endless capabilities, and they are great canvas' for expressing unique builds. You can literally go anywhere and do anything with them and they're about as close to future proof as it comes since they lead with versatility and capability. 

This is the first bike born out of our partnership with the Maxway factory in Taiwan. Through my work with All-City I've been working with Maxway for almost fifteen years now, Meg and Yee Yee are awesome human beings and they make some of the finest bikes in the world.

This partnership allows us to create a Wilde that is more attainable and affordable than our U.S. built bikes without sacrificing quality. This makes me very happy. 

It also allows us to create a bike that better supports our friend's bike shops. This also makes me very happy, as our small business supporting other small business' are a main motivating factor. 

Although we are still very small, with only 150 planned Supertramps in 2023, this bike is a giant leap forward on our path to building compelling bikes and contributing to the culture and evolution of modern cycling. 

They are available as framesets or as a small run of completes that are specc'd the way we'd want to ride them (as pictured). Of course we are also incredibly happy to build one with whatever your preferred parts kit is. 

Hit us up if you have any questions...