Radavist Supertramp Giveaway

December 01 2022 – Wilde Bikes

Radavist Supertramp Giveaway

Radavist Supertramp Giveaway

Hey friends,

We've teamed up with The Radavist and some other friends to bring you a giveaway for a complete Supertramp and a custom made Cedaero frame bag. 

The Supertramp is our bike packing, trekking, and all-terrain bicycle platform. From month-long backcountry tours to trips to the corner store and everything in between, you'll find it to be an incredibly versatile platform for living your life via bicycle. It can be built in endless configurations and has mounts for all the racks, accessories, and bags you wish to carry. If you only have one bike in your life, and want one that can truly let you explore the whole world of cycling possibilities, we believe the Supertramp is a great choice. 

If you’d like to enter this giveaway the instructions are simple: head over to the 
giveaway site, enter your email address for one chance to win, and then follow Wilde Bikes on Instagram for five more entries.

The winner will be announced the week of 12.12.22. Bike sizing will be confirmed with the winner after the announcement with an estimated delivery in February 2023.

Huge shoutout to our partners in this giveaway: SRAM, Stan’s, Thomson, Ultra Dynamico, Angry Catfish Bicycle, and Cedaero.