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A Love-letter to cycling...

All of our hopes, dreams, experience, and passion. No limits, no constraints, simply a desire to build the absolute finest bikes we possibly can and to contribute to creating a brighter and better future in the industry.

Handmade By The Best

We take pride in designing and creating the highest quality frames possible. Our years of experience and deep relationships have allowed us to create a network of some of the most talented frame builders in the world. Folks we are incredibly proud to support and whose values mirror our own.

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The Wilde Way

This is the chance to put all of our heart, soul, knowledge, experience, and passion into building the best bicycles we possibly can - all the while having the most fun and contributing positively to cycling's culture.

Our Story

From the Journal

  • Radavist Supertramp Giveaway

    Radavist Supertramp Giveaway

    Hey friends, We've teamed up with The Radavist and some other friends to bring you a giveaway for a complete Supertramp and a custom made Cedaero frame bag.  The Supertramp is our bike packing, trekking, and all-terrain bicycle platform. From month-long backcountry tours to trips to the corner store and everything in between, you'll find it to be an incredibly versatile...

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  • Why / How: Supertramp Bike Packing / ATB

    Why / How: Supertramp Bike Packing / ATB

    Today we launch the Supertramp our flat bar bikepacking / ATB platform, here's the "why"on this thing existing... As y'all know if you follow Bike Jerks I'm very deep into vintage mtb's, they're just great all around bikes. So it makes sense that I've very fully embraced the current ATB trend that's happening. They take all the great things about...

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