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A Love Letter To Cycling…

Greetings, my name is Jeffrey Frane and Wilde is the chance to put all of my heart, soul, knowledge, experience, and passion into creating the finest bicycles I possibly can according to my long held beliefs and values.

I like my bikes fast, innovative, honest and versatile. I believe that in many cases it is possible for a bike to do many things, and do them all well. I believe in the power of community, and I believe that we all owe it to the coming generations to spend our time on Earth trying to leave things better than we found them and to bring as much joy as possible to others along the way. I love all forms of cycling and believe that bikes have the power to change lives. 

You may know me from my efforts as a community organizer in the cycling scene in Minneapolis or from my output as “Bike Jerks,” but more likely it’s because of my work as the founder and leader of All-City Cycles for the first eleven years of their existence. Building that brand was a dream come true, and I am incredibly proud of the things that the team at All-City accomplished during my tenure. We used the resources available to support the cycling community and built one of the more inclusive and interesting brands of the last decade.

At some point though, a person has to forge their own path. This is the genesis of Wilde. There are no limits, no constraints. There is simply a burning passion to build the absolute finest bikes we possibly can and to contribute to creating a brighter and better future in the cycling world.

The team at Wilde will utilize our network of talented friends, fabricators, artists and partner-shops to create a unique footprint in the industry. The best materials, thoughtful design, the finest craftsmanship, enduring quality. No compromises. Bicycle products and culture from the culture creators, working to keep more of the money in the community.

I’m joined in this adventure by my partners Josh Klauck, the owner of Minneapolis’ amazing Angry Catfish bike shop and Northern Coffeeworks, and Andy Tesch, a vintage balloon tire bike aficionado and co-owner of Catfish. The fact that these two believe enough in this endeavor to lend their support truly means the world to me. 

Our focus for production models is on all-road, bike packing, and mountain bikes, as our happiest riding moments tend to take place with dirt under our tires. We will offer a range of high-end ready-made bikes, but what really sets us apart is our ability to craft customs. The opportunity to work with you to co-create the bike of your dreams is something that we take very seriously, it’s an honor. Whether you have fit needs that aren’t being met by production bicycles, a wild idea, specific feature requirements, or just want something that reflects your creative inputs, we’d love to make your vision a reality.

This is a chance at doing things our way, to manifest all of our beliefs, and to create something good and positive.  

Welcome to Wilde. 

Jeffrey G. Frane

P.S. Here's a short video that tells more about "Why We Do What We Do at Wilde.