Welcome to Wilde

December 05 2021 – Jeff Frane

Welcome to Wilde

Welcome to Wilde


Jeff here. So let me catch you up to speed on what's going down and our plans with Wilde. 

Wilde is the culmination of a life spent living with the bicycle at the center. I hope that It will grow to encompass all that I love and hold dear: the machines, the community, and the gift of being outdoors doing something that you love. I firmly believe that every time I throw a leg over the bicycle it helps me to be a better person: emotionally, physically, spiritually. It is the greatest gift to be able to share my passion with the world. 

I love the culture, I love the history, I love the nerdy minutiae, I love the colorful characters, the bumps in the road, the wrong turns, and all the unexpected life lessons it has brought my way. 

Starting a bike company right now is a risky endeavor. I know that. Supply chains are messed up, parts shortages are in full effect, it's never been more difficult or dicey. But I miss working with my friends, I miss meeting the riders around the globe, I miss creating something that has the power to transform lives. I have ideas that live inside me that I need to get out. So I'm back.

Time to invest everything I have monetarily, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Wilde has already managed to create some amazing bicycles, that I'm incredibly proud of. Bikes that represent all of my ideals and were built using the shared knowledge of my incredibly talented group of collaborators. They're the best bikes I know how to make. Even if I end up broke, I'll have that. And honestly, that's kind of enough. You've got to shoot your shot. 

But here's the thing. I believe that there will always be room for a brand built on passion, kick ass products, and reverence for the culture and the community. I've got the backing of my amazing partners, a group of the best bike shops in the country, the talent of some of the best bike builders in the world, a decade plus of know how and experience, and a burning light to help make the industry better and push it in the right direction. So let's GO!


So yeah, Wilde.

Here's the plan...

We are currently developing a few different models of ready-made U.S. bikes. The first one is of course the Earth Ship. Our ideal drop bar bike for modern living. We are also in the prototype stages for the Dream Engine which is a drop bar bike packing bike built around clearance for 29x2.6" tires and a dropper post. We're hoping to get a production MTB frame in there as well. 

I love that we're making domestic bikes. The price gap between high end foreign steel and U.S. made is shrinking due to shipping and tariffs, which allows us to be more competitively priced with foreign made frames. Being domestically produced allows us to iterate very quickly to keep up to date on the latest trends while supporting American workers and small business'. All important stuff. Our handmade in the USA bikes represent the cream of the bicycle crop, the lightest, strongest tubing, the fanciest frame parts, the ability to customize. These are truly the finest that money can buy.

We're also working on a range of softgoods, kits, bottles, etc. As well as some parts that we've been wishing existed. Hopefully down the line we'll also be able to partner with our friends in Taiwan to make our frames more accessible and affordable as well. We're just getting started, but I think we're already off to a great start. 

Thanks for joining us,