Shop Visit Simple Bicycle Co.

December 06 2021 – Jeff Frane

Shop Visit Simple Bicycle Co.

Shop Visit Simple Bicycle Co.

When your business and life are bikes, the opportunities to mix business and pleasure are myriad.

I was in Portland, Oregon earlier this week to pick up a van I had agreed to purchase from my friend, Dan, who is the marketing manager for Blackburn and Bell Cycling. It's a 1990 hightop Econoline, nick-named Vanna White. My intent was to do a bit of Wilde work and visit some our partners as well as go on an epic bike pickin' and bike riding cross-country adventure on way back to Minnesota. 

Vanna White, which possibly might become the first Wilde work van

Once transportation was attained, the first order of business was to head to Simple Bicycle Co. located in the Chris King factory for a meeting and to check out their space. Simple is the bicycle fabrication shop led by Oscar Camarena and Chris Blandford and one of the builders and small business' whom we are so pleased to work with and support.

Needless to say I was fully nerding out as I pulled into the hallowed grounds of Chris King. Tucked in a corner of the warehouse is the home of Simple, fabricators for some of the most illustrious brands in the industry. 

Of course I brought my Yo Jeffy! back to its birthplace

We are super proud to work with them and eternally grateful that they have taken on our business. It's always a thrill to check out folx work spaces and meet in person friends you have only interacted with over the phone and internet. 

Here's a little peak inside their operation:

"Welders don't smile"