Why / How: Wayfinder Gravel / Adventure Fork

July 12 2022 – Jeff Frane

Why / How: Wayfinder Gravel / Adventure Fork

Why / How: Wayfinder Gravel / Adventure Fork

We've got big dreams over here at Wilde, and one of those dreams is to make a significant contribution to the culture and machinery of modern cycling.

The Wayfinder marks our first attempt at creating something that we felt was sorely lacking in the market, namely a carbon fork with all the features that will retro-fit to existing bikes, give another choice for frame builders to expand traditional techniques, and still work well with 44mm and tapered head tubes. Essentially, do-it-all and fit just about anything other than 1" head tube bikes. 

Wayfinder $499 and Available Now
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It's perfect for updating an older bike to modern features, looks great with oversize head tubes and gives frame builders a new choice for building a significantly lighter weight gravel / adventure chassis. Builders now can use oversize lugs, or a traditional EC34/34 head tube on their bikes, which are both lighter, less costly, and possibly more attractive than tapered or 44mm head tubes, and pair them with a fully featured fork with a standard axle to crown and fork rake.

We think it's a great step forward to begin our contribution to the available options, and hopefully the riders and frame building community will agree. If you're a Wilde Dealer or frame builder, we are happy to sell to you at wholesale pricing. 

Of course, being a 1 1/8" steerer fork it's a killer option to add features and lightness to an existing cross frame that you'd like to do more with, an older gravel bike, or to pair with some of our favorite do-it-all platforms such as the All-City Space Horse, Surly Straggler, All-City Gorilla Monsoon, or Surly Midnight Special. (Having worked at Q for 13 years and created and managed All-City for 10, I have a bias towards those beauties and designed this with them in mind)

Here are the features which we think are indispensable for gravel, exploration, or bike packing: three pack mounts, internal dynamo routing, internal brake cable routing, real deal fender mounts, and massive tire clearance.  

At 470g with an uncut steerer, it's among the lightest forks on the market and was designed with rider comfort and durability in mind. The fork legs were specifically engineered to soak up bumps and isolate the rider from road chatter allowing you to go longer and in greater comfort without sacrificing strength or durability. 

Fork Weight: 470g with uncut steerer
Tire Clearance: 700c X 2.1" or 27.5" X 2.3" 
Axle to Crown - 398mm
Rake - 49mm
Steerer Length - 350mm
Axle - 130mm length 12 x 1.5

Three Pack Mounts
Flat Mount Brake 
Thru Axle - 12x100mm
Internal Brake Routing
Internal Dynamo Routing 
Fender Mounts
Fully Threaded Center Mount

Three Pack Mount - 6 lbs per side
Rack - 20 lbs

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