Why / How: The Rack Buddy!

March 15 2022 – Jeff Frane

Why / How: The Rack Buddy!

Why / How: The Rack Buddy!

Over here we get really stoked on certain pieces of gear, one of those is dry bags. I've been working on perfecting the ideal drybag for a few years now through one of my other projects, Holy Mountain, which is all about creating the finest versions of heavy use items in collaboration with my friends. 

One of those friends is James from Beard Bags, who happens to live only a few blocks from my house and Angry Catfish in South Minneapolis. Since we created the below version I've been using it to strap to my racks for shopping, for beach runs (wet towels and shorts), as a laundry bag whenever I travel, and various other applications. 
the Holy Mountain version without the bike features

Finished bags in James' workshop

*A quick note on the fabric, which is Fairfield Made in the USA waxed canvas Sail Cloth. Fairfield is one of only a few remaining makers of canvas in the USA and their product is amazing to the touch. Real nice stuff.

I was using a bungee to strap it down and then a reader on Instagram was all "why don't you just build in straps for mounting" and hot dang, that was a great idea. 

We then gave it four velcro straps that will fit most any rack or basket, an external pocket so you don't always have to go into the bag to access small items, and hidden d-rings inside so you can attach a shoulder strap and use it as a tote bag when running errands. 

We think it's real clever, useful, and at $90 nicely priced for a Made in the USA bag that will last for years to come and look better with age and use. 

It's available in Whisky or Charcoal colored canvas.